Welcome. I am glad you found me. Chinese Medicine is a system of enormous and under-utilized potential for improving our health and quality of life. I regard the practice of Chinese Medicine as my calling, and it is my aim in life to share its benefits as widely as possible.

In addition to treating aches and pains with acupuncture, Chinese Medicine is a superbly effective system for treating a wide range of chronic health conditions: sleeplessness, menstrual cramps, depression, arthritis, migraines – anything that prevents you from experiencing full vitality and engagement with life. Chinese Medicine is particularly well suited to treating these kinds of conditions for at least two reasons. First, Chinese Medicine always works with and supports your body’s inherent ability to heal itself. Symptoms are never simply masked, nor is there an attempt to over-ride your body’s natural functions. Rather, my treatments always aim at moving one toward greater underlying health – that state in which your body is able to take care of itself. Second, Chinese Medical treatments are always designed uniquely for each patient. Rather than employ the same medicine for every patient with a given problem, I look into the underlying condition of each patient’s constitution and health and, employing the subtlety available in Chinese Medicine, design a treatment to fit each patient’s unique needs.

I am a very dedicated practitioner, and I enjoy working closely with each patient to help find solutions to their health problems. I have put together this website to help people understand a little bit about how I approach health, healing, and the body. Feel free to look around or contact me with any questions.

When you are ready to start feeling better, call me to make an appointment.